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Coombes Sixth Form

Meet the team

 You're bound to have some questions about Coombe Sixth Form. We've found the right people to answer some of them.

what's so unique about the place?


Mr R Smith, Director of Sixth Form

"Coombe combines the buzz and excitement of a college, with the positive structures of a school. We have a reputation as an extremely friendly and welcoming place that quickly feels like home. We achieve a balance between treating you as a young adult who is ready to take control of your life, and also offering guidance and support at those crucial moments when you really need it. We manage to combine all this with fantastic results for all our students."

what made coombe stand out?


Year 12 student and ex-Coombe Girls' School pupil.

"I wanted to be really sure of giving myself the best start, and for me it was the reputation and exam results at Coombe Sixth Form that really influenced my decision. At Coombe I found the exact mix of subjects I wanted, plus it helps to know that the support is there if I ever need it. I feel that Coombe will be a real springboard into my future."

what are the year 12 highlights?

Ms L Burwell, Sixth Form Tutor

“There are loads of things to get excited about. How about the trips to New York, Washington, Iceland, Paris and Greece? Then there’s the Team Building Day. The list goes on…”

i've decided coombe is for me. how do i apply?

Ms D Williams, Sixth Form Admissions Officer

“First complete and send the application form, then you’ll be invited in for a meeting with a member of the Sixth Form Team. These meetings are about you and we give informed advice on the courses you might be considering taking. You can have a look around on a normal day and chat to current sixth formers. Often parents come along to be part of the discussion, which is great, if that’s what you want.”

what's different about the way you work with sixth form students?

Mr R Jones, Assistant Headteacher

“Our first priority is getting to know you, so that we can work closely with you to identify where you want to go and how best to make the most of your time with us. We pride ourselves on a tailored, personalised approach to learning that helps you develop academically and secure your place at university.”

how is coombe sixth form different from school?

Ms E Barns, Acting Headteacher

“As well as the extra responsibility that comes with your new-found independence, the biggest change is academically. Studying at sixth form level is a big step up for most students, whichever study pathway you choose. To be really successful you’ll need plenty of hard work and commitment – and that’s easier if you’re interested and capable in your chosen subjects.”

what courses advice do you give students?

Mrs K Comber, Sixth Form Lead

“Our advice is completely personal to each individual. But we always suggest that you try to think beyond the sixth form when choosing your courses. Remember that these two years of your education are in preparation for the next exciting phase in your life – whether that’s at university, in training or following a career pathway.” 


i'm worried about ucas applications. will coombe help me?

Mrs K Bentley, UCAS Advisor

“Of course! We’ll give you as much help and guidance as you need to make sure that you’re applying to the right place, in the right way, at the right time, and with the best possible application.”

can you sum up coombe in a few words?

Mr A Platt, Executive Headteacher

“We promise to help you achieve academically, flourish socially and prepare for the world of opportunity that’s out there waiting for you…”