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Coombes Sixth Form


Psychology A-level offers a fascinating insight into influences on human behaviour.  These include biological factors such as the effect of hormones, neurotransmitters and brain injury, as well as how childhood experiences influence adult behaviour.  There are opportunities during the course to carry out small-scale psychological research projects in order to apply knowledge of experimental and qualitative research methods.

Psychology students gain an understanding of the complexities of human behaviour which enables them to challenge their own perception of others, as well as valuable skills of analysis and evaluation which are transferable to other subjects and essential for higher education.


Year 12 student

"I'm currently studying Psychology, English Literature and Language, Sociology and Business Studies. I hope to do a degree in Criminology with Psychology, as I'm interested in learning about different aspects of criminal behaviour, and I'd like to work as a forensic psychologist or profiler. I enjoy studying at Coombe Sixth Form because the teachers support you to ensure you fulfil your potential."



Head of Department; Miss G. New

‘Psychology incorporates science in studying the human mind and behavior.  We take an analytical view of different theoretical explanations; debating the pros and cons of Psychologists such as Freud.  Within Psychology we encourage the students to question and explore different social phenomena's through the use of experiments and other methods, for example students get the opportunity to take part in different Psychological experiments on memory and conformity'

psychology department news 

Autumn 2017

Fifteen, year 13 Psychology students attended The Goldsmiths Careers in Psychology AS/A-Level Conference on Friday, 22nd September.  Where they had a chance to listen and participate in a number of exciting talks from leading specialists in the field of Psychology. Students particularly enjoyed the talk on Clinical Psychology about how patients are screened for mental health issues and the types of therapeutic treatments on offer.  Dr Gustav Kuhn gave an extremely useful workshop on how to write a successful UCAS personal statement, as he is one of the Goldsmiths University admission tutors.  Students said they found the whole day enlightening and got them thinking about future career opportunities.


On Saturday 25th February a number of Psychology students visited the London School of Economics and Political Science:                                                                              

‘We visited the London School of Economics and Political Science to learn more about Milgram’s psychological study on obedience. We watched a screening of the documentary film “Shock Room” which demonstrated a modern replication of Milgram’s study. This had proven to be very useful as it enabled us the visualise the experiment, providing us with a deeper understanding of obedience.

After the screening we discussed the experiment with the three main speakers: Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch, Professor Steve Reicher and Patrick Flanery. We found their perspective to be incredibly insightful and inspiring as they gave us the opportunity to think about how we apply obedience to our day-to-day lives’

Amirah and Tejal