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Coombes Sixth Form

The Coombe "Old Boy" Network

September was another chance for our Coombe Alumni to visit the school, catch up with past friends and teachers and meet our new head teacher, Mr Smith. Our vast array of archive material was laid out so everyone had the chance to remember stories of life at Coombe Boys’. As well making business connections with past pupils, we are continuously appreciative to remain in touch with the Barton sisters and were joined by a Cyril Barton's sister, Joyce, and her two daughters. At Coombe we feel it is very important to remain in touch with our Alumni and it was a pleasure to tour Joyce around the school and once again visit our display of her Brother, Cyril, in the Barton Hall. “I was thrilled to bits, to think, after all these years, these little things are still around”.

It is always a delight when connecting with past pupils as we are able to celebrate their success stories, and so we will be holding another Alumni event on Friday 17th June 2016. Please watch out for the date and contact the school if you are able to join us. Please also visit our LinkedIn group and add our education page to your profile, this will allow us to stay in touch for further events.


In March, 2011, to mark Coombe Boys' School's 80th birthday, we held an Old Boys' Day - an opportunity for some of the current pupils to meet those who had attended the school in the past and for those old boys to see how the school has changed over the years.  It was a fantastic success and boys, both old and new, enjoyed hearing each other's stories of life at Coombe Boys'.  We are now looking forward to another 'Old Boys' Day' as more and more of our past pupils get back in touch.