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Coombes Sixth Form

What you need to know!

Key Staff

  • Mr Smith, Head of Sixth Form
  • Ms Hothy, Sixth Form Lead, College Gardens
  • Mrs Readings, Sixth Form Lead, Clarence Avenue
  • Mrs Comber, Sixth Form Lead, Clarence Avenue

Enrolment into our 6th form 

  • Enrolment for all courses takes place during August 2020 (date tbc), the same day as the results are published, in the Sports Hall at Coombe Girls’ School. 
  • Students who are currently at a Coombe School should attend from 9am.
  • Students who are currently at a different school should attend from 11am.
  • All students should bring their exam results slip with them.
  • External students ONLY should bring their passport with them as the government asks us to check entitlement to state education.
  • At enrolment, students will meet individually with a member of staff and discuss which subjects they wish to study in the sixth form: have they met the entry criteria for their choices? Does the combination work in our timetable block? Are there spaces in those classes? Students are then signed on to their courses.
  • Any student who can’t attend enrolment must send someone in their place with a letter of permission from the student themselves. This can be a family member, friend or school friend. We cannot enrol anyone over email or on the telephone. If the person coming to enrolment also needs to collect exam results, this should also be stated on the letter of permission.

September start 

  • The school day starts at 8.30am and finishes at 3pm.
  • The term starts for Year 12 students on Tuesday 3rd September at 10.30am.
  • Students will find out their tutor group in September.
  • We have an induction programme throughout the first term, with full induction days on Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th September based in school.
  • Lessons start for Year 12 students on Thursday 5th September at 8.30am.
  • Students will sign up to sport, volunteering and other extra-curricular activities and the Extended Project Qualification in October.


  • Students can apply for the Sixth Form Bursary in September. The maximum parental income is around £27,000.
  • The bursary can meet the cost of trips, loan students a Chrome book laptop and provide stationery and copies of the textbooks needed for Sixth Form study.
  • We will hand out the bursary forms in September and we do encourage as many students as possible to apply.

The Post-16 Curriculum 

  • Students will need to choose three qualification in August – 3 A Levels OR a Double BTEC and an A Level OR a Triple BTEC.
  • Students can opt for four A-levels if they achieve an average of a grade 7 at GCSE.
  • Students were given a copy of the draft enrolment form, which has the sixth form timetable blocks on it, and were reminded of the entry criteria. Students are encouraged to think of a Plan A, B and C.
  • Students should think carefully about how many of their sixth form subjects are new to them and make sure they have a balance – one new subject out of three is absolutely fine, they should think carefully about studying two new subjects or three new subjects.
  • Students can still change their mind about what they study – right up until August, and if there are places, at the very start of September.
  • Students should think about the subjects they enjoy and the subjects they excel at, alongside what they think they might need for a future career.
  • Some A-Level lessons across subjects are taught at Coombe Girls’ School and Coombe Boys’ School. The timetable has been written around this and the times of the school day changed to facilitate this. Lessons in BTEC Health and Social Care CGS and CBS.
  • Sixth form learning is a step up: if students do homework and nothing else, they are still operating at GCSE level. We will help students adjust to this, but being organised and on top of your studies will really help.
  • Every subject has created some summer work to help students get ready for the transition to Sixth Form study. These are all available on the website and students should complete this over the summer and bring to their first lesson. As well as preparing them for their new courses, it is a good way to test they have chosen subjects they enjoy.

THE student checklist 

Please make sure you have the following items ready for September to start your new courses:
  • Pens (Black, blue and other colours)
  • Pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Pencil case
  • Rubber
  • A4 lever arch folder (For each subject)
  • Dividers
  • A4 lined paper
  • A4 plastic wallets
  • Scientific calculator (if necessary)
  • Highlighter pens


You need to choose ONE subject from THREE (Or FOUR) option blocks from the table below