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Coombes Sixth Form


Sixth Form Opportunities Evening ( Coombe Students)

On this page are all of the forms, policies and additional pieces of information to help guide you through the application process.

entry requirements 2020-2021 



Making Your Application


DeaDline for external application is 17th january 2020


Admissions Policy

All places are subject to students meeting our entry criteria. Before going any further, please download and read our admissions policy below. Please note we do not accept students to restart year 12.

behaviour considerations for sixth formers 

You will be aware as sixth formers at Coombe, you are role models for all of the other students within the Coombe Schools.

We also want you to be successful, happy and fulfilled during your time with us. We can only achieve this if Coombe is a positive learning environment that enables all students to flourish.

For these reasons, you must be are aware that:

  • All of the normal expectations of the Coombe Schools’ Behaviour Policies apply to sixth formers. These are available on the schools’ websites.
  • We will apply the full range of normal school sanctions in the event of breaching of the rules detailed below or those in the main school behaviour policies.
  • There are some particular considerations that sixth formers need to understand and these are detailed below. 

particular rules for sixth form students 

1.  Inappropriate relations with pupils in the lower school.

Sixth formers should not engage in relationships with pupils in the lower school.

2.  Enabling non-Coombe people being on the school premises. 

The school is a secure environment. Students must not enable access for anyone else to the school site.

3.  Parking or driving of any motorised vehicle on the school premises.

There is not sufficient space to accommodate student parking and there is a possible danger to other members of the school community.

4.  Inappropriate dress for school.

Please see the Sixth Form Dress Policy.

5.  Inappropriate intimacy in school.

Students should be mindful that they share an environment with young children.

6.  Wearing your Coombe identity card.

We expect students’ Identity Card to be visible at all times.

7.  Disturbing other students learning during your unstructured time.

Students must remember that lessons are taking place at all times.

coombe sixth form dress policy 

We are clear that students arriving to work in the 6th form should be dressed in an appropriate way. While this is not a formal work environment, we expect students to support the school and dress in an acceptable way; it is important that students appreciate that Coombe Sixth Form is a serious work environment and that they are in a school with much younger pupils present.

Please note that if students are unsure about the suitability of clothing, they shouldn’t wear it.


General guidelines - it is very important that students are not in revealing clothes while at school.

Students should not wear:

* Very low slung jeans.

* T shirts with logos that may be considered offensive.

* Overly revealing tops.

* Any clothing which reveals underwear.

* Hair dyed in an extreme colour.

* Hats or hoods on at any time in school.

* Beach style flip – flops.

* Clothes that are more suitable for a beach environment.


Specific Guidelines for Girls-

* Girls should not wear tops which have ‘Spaghetti’ straps or reveal stomachs or cleavage.

* Skirts should be mid-thigh length as a minimum.

* Shorts should be smart / tailored and at least mid-thigh length.

* Leggings, or very tight jeans that are similar to leggings, should be worn with dresses or tops that ensure that legs are covered to at least mid-thigh length.


Specific Guidelines for Boys

* Boys should not wear tight fitting vests or tops that reveal chests / stomachs.

* Summer shorts should be smart – not swimming shorts or sports wear.

* Trousers or shorts should not be so big as to fall off.



If a student attends school inappropriately dressed, they will be sent home to change.


Sixth Form Admissions Arrangements 2021 - 2022

Sixth Form Admissions Arrangements 2020 - 2021

16-19 Bursary fund 

The 16-19 Bursary Fund is paid by the Education Funding Agency (EFA) to Schools and Colleges so that they may provide financial help to students whose access to or completion of education might be inhibited by financial consideration.

- Students wishing to claim from the 16 – 19 Bursary Fund will fall into two categories. It is extremely important that you decide at this stage which of the two categories are likely to apply to you.

- Students who believe that they are eligible must apply by Friday 13th September and must also supply the required evidence to support the application.

Students who are eligible and who meet the requirements of the funding will receive five half - termly payments over the course of the Academic Year, subject to meeting the conditions for study and conduct detailed in the Coombe Sixth Form Learner Agreement.

You must read the document below carefully to ensure that you fully understand the requirements of the Bursary Fund and that do not miss important application deadlines which are non-negotiable.

Please see Bursary Fund Application Form and Bursary Fund Policy below.