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Coombes Sixth Form

Physical Education

The focus of the physical education course is on participation and performance in physical activity as part of a balanced, active and healthy lifestyle.

You will study a variety of theory areas within PE. There is also a practical element to the course where you will perform two different practical activities and complete an oral interview in one of you chosen sports.


Year 13 student

"I am studying PE, P sychology and Biology. The P.E. Department has been helpful in preparing me to pursue my aim of becoming a strength and conditioning coach. I'm a trampoline gymnastics coach, and these subjects have continued my professional development in this area. After Coombe I'll be working for Kingston Trampoline Academy, then I'll be attending St. Mary's University Twickenham to study Strength and Conditioning Science."

meet the department

 Teacher in charge of A level PE: Mrs J Jennings

'Do you have a passionate interest in sport and enjoy watching and participating in a wide range of sports and activities? Would you like to develop your knowledge and understanding of the factors that underpin physical activity and sport and learn how this can be used to improve performance?  Are you predicted at least a B grade in GCSE PE and Science? Do you play regularly for a high level junior club out of school, county, regional or national level? Are you interested in university related courses such as sports science, sports rehabilitation, physiotherapy, sports management, PE teaching, sports coaching and sports psychology? Are you considering a career in the leisure and recreation industry, medical profession, education, the police or the armed forces?

If so A Level PE is the course for you!

There are six theory areas in Year 12 which will be extended in Year 13. These are applied anatomy and exercise physiology, biomechanical movement, skill acquisition, sport psychology, sport and society and the role of technology in physical activity and sport? These theory sections are examined in two 2 hour papers in Year 13 making up 70% of your final grade. You will also have to complete one practical activity assessment and written coursework which will make up 30% of your final grade.'