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Coombes Sixth Form

What you need to join us

Dress Code

Please note that this policy is not designed to be unduly restrictive or inhibit students in dressing in ways in which they feel comfortable.

However, it is important that students appreciate that Coombe Sixth Form is a serious work environment and that they are in a school with much younger pupils present. 

Please note that if students are unsure about the suitability of clothing, they shouldn’t wear it.


Students should not wear:

  • Very low slung jeans.
  • T shirts with logos that may be considered offensive.
  • Overly revealing tops.
  • Any clothing which reveals underwear.
  • Hair dyed in an extreme colour.
  • Hats or hoods on at any time in school.
  • Beach style flip – flops.
  • Clothes that are more suitable for a beach environment.



Specific Guidelines for Girls 

  • Girls should not wear tops which have ‘Spaghetti’ straps or reveal stomachs or cleavage.
  • Skirts should be mid-thigh length as a minimum.
  • Shorts should be smart / tailored and at least mid-thigh length.
  • Leggings, or very tight jeans that are similar to leggings, should be worn with dresses or tops that ensure that legs are covered to at least mid-thigh length.

Specific Guidelines for Boys 

  • Boys should not wear tight fitting vests or tops that reveal chests / stomachs.
  • Summer shorts should be smart – not swimming shorts or sportswear.
  • Trousers or shorts should not be so big as to fall off.


As sixth formers at Coombe, you are role models for all of the other students within the Coombe Schools.

We also want you to be successful, happy and fulfilled during your time us. We can only achieve this if Coombe is a positive learning environment that enables all students to flourish.

You can read more about our expectations in our behaviour policy.