In the Classical Civilisation department we aim to immerse students in the exciting world of ancient Greek and Roman culture. In 2017/17 Year 12 students will study Homer’s Odyssey, a tale of adventure filled with gods, goddesses, heroes and monsters. They will also examine the development of Greek art through analysis of important temples and sculptures. In Year 13 students will read Virgil’s Aeneid whilst studying its Roman context. Alongside this they will explore the culture of Mycenaean Greece through its archaeological remains. The department will be running a new and similarly exciting course in 2017/2018 with OCR to include aspects of Greek and Roman history, archaeology, literature and art. Further details will be available from January.

The department aims to enrich your studies and immerse you in the classical world. The department regularly offers opportunities to participate in university style lectures and hands-on workshops at British Museum study days, attends classical plays in London and invites speakers to share their own research. Many of our students go on to study Classics related subjects at high-performing universities including Oxbridge. In 2017, the department is organising a fieldtrip to Greece and will be offering other residential opportunities in the future.

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Yr 12 student

"I am studying Classical Civilisations, English Literature, History and Sociology, and I aim to become a lecturer or archaeologist after studying Classical Civilisations and Archaeology at University.

I like the close-knit community spirit at Coombe; everyone helps each other as much as they can. This support from teachers and students has given me the confidence to aim higher, knowing that it's all within my grasp."

Head of Department: Mrs C Cannon

“Classical Civilisation offers you an exciting and unique opportunity to delve into the classical world of Greece and Rome. Classics students have enquiring minds, ask questions of evidence and attempt to piece together the distant past using the literature and artefacts available to us. Classics is highly thought of by universities both in terms of preparation for research and essay based subjects. Classics is a perfect blend between literature and history and asks students to make links between our modern world and the ancient world of democracy, heroism and warfare”.

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