The A Level in Computer science was introduced for first teaching in September 2015. By studying Computer Science, students will develop a solid foundation in the principles of Computing. They will develop their knowledge of computational thinking, enabling them to understand and develop more complex algorithms and computer programs; how computing systems communicate and how data is stored and manipulated by computers.

The course will enable students to develop a deeper understanding of how modern technology works and the A level content will be a relevant addition to many modern careers not just the obvious technology based jobs.


Year 12 student

"I've always loved using and playing with the computer, and the ICT course allowed me to extend my range of software skills, such as creating websites, e-products and Flash products. ICT is such an essential part of the modern workplace and by taking this course I feel that I have made myself more employable in the future, as well as more likely to be accepted to my chosen University."

Please see more information about this subject and slides on transition work below.


The Computing Department teaches using the programming language Python and the links below will be useful for anyone hoping to study Computer Science who may not have much programming experience or who for those hoping to develop their skills:

A Level Computer Science June 2018.140874482.pdf
Computer Science Transition work.199105774.pdf