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Year 13 student

"I study History, Government and Politics and English at A level and am hopefully going to Sheffield University to study History and Politics next year. I decided to study at Coombe Sixth Form because of the supportive environment and the friendly and inspirational teachers. Coombe offers loads of opportunities during Sixth Form, such as leadership roles and the Extended Project Qualifications - which I would highly recommend."

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Head of Department: Mrs C Cannon

“In a world of ongoing change, conflict and uncertainty the study of history gives students the tools with which to make sense of our today by studying the past. The study of history allows students to explore the development of societies, the causes and consequence of events that have shaped our world and question interpretations that have been made of the past. History students are valued highly by both universities and employers as students who are able to analyse, research, debate, construct arguments and justify themselves using evidence. The study of history opens the doors to further study in the humanities or to professions such as Law.”

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