Mathematics encourages students to think logically and develop the skills and knowledge required for solving a wide range of practical or abstract problems.

In Core Maths (also known as Pure Maths) you will extend your knowledge of such topics as algebra and trigonometry as well as introduce new ideas such as differentiation and integration (jointly referred to as calculus).

The course content is interesting in its own right, but also serves as an important foundation for other branches of mathematics, physical and social sciences.


Year 12 student

“Maths at A-Level is where it all gets interesting. With great support from the teachers, I have been able to settle down quickly at Coombe. This has helped me to move forward in Maths and has led me to enjoy learning more in depth about the subject. In the future, I hope to follow a career in Actuarial Science, putting my passion for Maths to good use.”

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Studying Mathematics and Further Mathematics will develop your analytical, research and problem solving skills. Not only will it give you the knowledge to tackle scientific, mechanical, coding and abstract problems but it will also help you to develop logic to tackle everyday issues such as planning projects and managing budgets. Both Mathematics and Further Mathematics are well respected by employers and universities because of their demanding nature and versatility. The Russell Group informed choices guide names Mathematics as a “facilitating” subject, meaning it will help you in studying lots of other subjects and pursue lots of different careers. We look forward to welcoming you onto our courses!

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Please find A Level Maths transition work in the first document and the answers in the second document below

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