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Coombe Sixth Form Music Scholarship Programme

Please look at our fantastic Coombe Sixth Form Music Scholarship details below, we are now recruiting for September 2021 with a deadline of 5th February 2021.

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Year 13 student

"Music is one of my favourite subjects here at Coombe and will help me to further my ambition of becoming an actress in the future. I currently have a place at Loughborough University to study Drama, after my gap year. I find studying Music really fun as I enjoy composing and performing. I also love being introduced to new composers and music styles in my music analysis lessons."

Please see more information about this subject and slides on biology transition work below.

Head of Department: Mr E Houlston

'Music A-Level at Coombe is a stimulating and interactive subject. Pupils are given the opportunity to develop their musical skills and talents through several avenues, including performing, composing and the appraisal of musical works.

Pupils are exposed to a cultural history, and the subject enhances and develops many life skills that will prove invaluable in the future. Edexcel have identified the value of music in enhancing transferrable life skills which in turn helps students to ‘respond with confidence to the demands of undergraduate study the world of work.’ The music department at Coombe is dedicated to the subject and hopes to inspire the next generation through our love of music.'

A Level Music

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Music Transition Work

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A Level Music Technology

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Music Technology Transition Work

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