From September 2015, we are launching a new and fully resourced A-level course in physics. Students will be introduced to exciting new topics of study, such as quantum physics, cosmology and thermodynamics and will rapidly enhance their ability to investigate scientifically through a programme of dedicated experimental work.

Outside the classroom, we are offering students the opportunity to visit Thorpe Park, The Royal Observatory and attend a day of physics talks at the IOE. Studying physics will appeal to students wishing to develop their numerical, analytical and practical skills and those wishing to stand out from the crowd.

Teacher in charge of Physics: Mr R Smith

'A spokesperson for the Institute of Physics says: “Physicists are involved in finding solutions to many of our most pressing challenges – as well as studying atoms or making sense of the extra-terrestrial, physicists diagnose disease, model the climate, design computer games, predict markets and design hi-tech goods. Studying physics opens doors.”

Physicists look for all the hidden laws that explain why all matter (that’s every physical thing) and energy in the known universe exists, where it comes from and how it behaves the way it does. So if you’re wondering how forces of nature, like gravity, work or how aircraft stay up in the air, you’ll need to study A-level physics!'

Please see more information about this subject and slides on transition work below.

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