Psychology A-level offers a fascinating insight into influences on human behaviour. These include biological factors such as the influence of hormones, neurotransmitters and brain injury, as well as how childhood experiences influence adult behaviour. There are opportunities during the course to carry out small-scale psychological research projects.

Psychology students gain an understanding of the complexities of human behaviour that enables them to challenge their own perception of others, as well as develop valuable skills of analysis and evaluation which are transferable to other subjects and essential for higher education.


Year 12 student

"I'm currently studying Psychology, English Literature and Language, Sociology and Business Studies. I hope to do a degree in Criminology with Psychology, as I'm interested in learning about different aspects of criminal behaviour, and I'd like to work as a forensic psychologist or profiler. I enjoy studying at Coombe Sixth Form because the teachers support you to ensure you fulfil your potential."

Head of Department: Ms G New

‘Psychology takes a scientific approach to the study of the human behaviour. Students will develop an analytical view of different theoretical explanations for behaviour and debate their relative merits and disadvantages. Within Psychology we encourage students to question and explore different behavioural phenomena through the use of experiments and other research methods. For example, students have the opportunity to take part in different experiments on memory.'

Please see more information about this subject and slides on biology transition work below.

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