Which campus should I contact?

A Level Programme

If you have an enquiry about the A Level Programmes or a general enquiry about Coombe Sixth Form please either contact the Clarence Avenue Campus by phone on 020 8942 1242 or by completing the form below.

Enquiry Form

BTEC Programme

If your enquiry concerns the BTEC Programme please either contact the College Gardens Campus by phone on 020 8949 1537 or by completing the form below.

Enquiry Form

Reporting absence

If you wish to report your child absent from school. You must either phone the Campus at which your son/daughter is mentored by 8.30am. We need to be advised each day of your childs absence.

CLARENCE AVENUE CAMPUS: 020 8942 1242 OR TEXT 07786201172

please select the absence line when connected

COLLEGE GARDENS CAMPUS: 020 8949 1537 / 020 8329 2587

please select the absence line when connected

Leave of Absence Request

Absence requests

Absence requests are rarely granted and almost never to those whose attendance is below 98%.

Requests for holidays during term time are never authorised.

Requests for all forms of absence (including medical appointments) must be made well in advance and in writing.

Parents must print and complete the Leave of Absence Form and return it to the school; we ask for a month’s notice.

The Headteacher will then make a decision as to whether the absence is approved or not and this decision is final.

Any absence taken without authorisation, without suitable notice, or taken after the school has refused permission, will be treated as unauthorised.

A pattern of such absence, or a one off absence of more than one day, will trigger further intervention.

The school will always inform the appropriate staff at the Local Authority about any unauthorised absences.

We need to be advised each day of your child's absence.


Please find guidance on how to use ParentPay here or email your questions to the relevant College Campus enquiries.

College Gardens Campus

College Gardens

Blake's Lane

New Malden



Tel: 0208 949 1537

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Clarence Avenue Campus

Clarence Avenue

New Malden



Tel: 020 8942 1242

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