We offer A level qualifications in Business alongside highly popular extra-curricular activities, including the Young Enterprise Company Programme.

In the Business course, developing a broader understanding of how businesses work, applying key business concepts to a variety of contexts competently and being able to handle complex business data and information is essential, however, having studied Business GCSE is not a prerequisite.

The Business course enables students to effectively prepare themselves for work-life and higher education in any field with attendance to conferences, trips to interesting venues such as The Museum of Brands, development of core skills such as critical thinking, enquiring and communicating.


Year 13 Student

"I am studying A levels in English Literature and Language, Geography and Business Studies. The balance of freedom and lessons here at Coombe Sixth Form has allowed me to find out how I work best and the staff have encouraged me along my journey, helping me discover what I'd like to do in the future - I hope to study Theology at University before entering the Youth Ministry or teaching."

Head of Department: Mr A Sundaram

'In the future, everyone will need to have had some business education. Whatever you do in your career, the chances are that it will involve some ‘businesses. Scientists, engineers and artists will all need to understand the basics of how to run an organisation – the combination of specialist qualifications and commercial knowledge will become vital to success. In business, you make decisions, take action and monitor results- and each case is different. Through our business courses, you will learn about how to use the theory and concepts, to explore and provide solutions to real business problems! Our teaching team at Coombe will bring enthusiasm and experience into the classroom, utilising a wide variety of learning techniques to maximise your chances of success. '

Please see more information about this subject and slides on biology transition work below.

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