A level English Literature comprises the study all three key forms – Drama, Poetry and Prose. A minimum of eight texts will be studied, two of which will enable the completion of a free-choice coursework comparison essay. A wide spectrum of works will be studied including some very contemporary material; Shakespeare, however, is still an essential ingredient. Wider reading will expand this range.

Students will develop greater academic sophistication as the course progresses as well as honing ways of evaluating thoughtfully, analysing sensitively, opining confidently.


Year 13 student

"English Literature frees the imagination and is the study of everything in culture, and how we fit into the world. it's about much more than identifying literary devices and effects; it's about understanding diverse perspectives and other worlds, and reading against the grain. If you enjoy discussion, exploring the past and the future, and are interested in developing sensitivity to hidden meaning, English is for you."

Please see more information about this subject and slides on transition work below.

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