You will develop skills and knowledge of techniques through investigations in biology, chemistry and physics in the first year. This will be extended to cover the knowledge and techniques needed for the study of biochemistry by investigating biological molecules, enzymes, metabolic pathways and the structure of proteins. The course will cover the analytical techniques used in industrial and commercial laboratories, particularly titration, spectroscopy and chromatography.


Year 13 student

"For two years I've been studying science at Coombe Sixth Form and part of a community. I've worked hard at my coursework and enjoyed free time with my friends; it's been very productive but also incredibly enjoyable. Coombe has helped me come close to achieving my future in Biomedical Science."

Please see more information about this subject and slides on transition work below.

Applied Science Extended BTEC Level 3

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BTEC Applied Science Transition Work

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Y12 Curriculum Booklet

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Y13 Curriculum Booklet

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